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[PARTENARIAT] Top reasons why investors attend Inpho® Venture Summit

Photonics France est partenaire d’Inpho® Venture Summit, (ex Invests in Photonics), événement B2B international pour les investisseurs et les entrepreneurs, qui aura lieu les 11 & 12 octobre 2018 à Bordeaux.

INPHO® Venture Summit, is an invite only congress that brings leading global visionaries together to exchange high level insights off the beaten tracks.

We challenge our guests to be enlightened by latest industry disruptions, contribute to innovative ideas, and exchange solutions that will influence the foundations for next generation impact.

INPHO® Venture Summit is a unique experience, set in a picturesque atmosphere, eliminating the background noise of typical networking opportunities, and opening the stage to deep dive into technologies that will are leading the business models of today and for tomorrow.

With a gathering of 500 participants every two years in previous successful editions, INPHO® Venture Summit has shaped a special agenda to deliberate on the future we want to design, develop, and set-up collaborations to reach common objectives.

For this year’s INPHO® Venture Summit 2018 edition, 3 bankable challenges have been nominated by a panel of prominent private investors. The breakthrough potential will explore 5 high growth markets: Health, Mobility, Infrastructure, Consumer, Smart Factory. INPHO® Venture Summit 2018 will converge key trends from Silicon Valley, Europe and Asia to shape the global economy.

Digital business model
Industrial blockchain
New computing

Smart Factory

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